Okay, here you'll find something 'bout me:

 Nickname: Belmea

 Age: 16

 Country: Germany

 Hobbies: Friends, music, reading, dacing, riding

 music: actually everything, but most times I prefer rock, hip hop and R'n'B

 what I look like: I'm 1,65m big, my weight is 50kg, I have light brown, curly hair. And since today I'm wearing contacts, so actually I need glases. My eyes are blue-grey. 


Okay, what can I say about me? I'm relativ open, most times I show my emotions, what not means, that many people know about my secrets, that are not very much people, whom I trust 100%. I love to laugh and I hate it to be alone, but I also hate it to be 24 hours a day together with people. I'm nice, I think.^^ I like to listen to the problems of other people (my mum said I'm gonna be a psychatrist...xD). I can be sultry, but I can be calm, too. In my personality there are many disaccordings, I just realized again, but it's really like that. I don't like realationchips for 2 weeks or something, when I want somebody, than want him for longterm. Okay that's a bit of me.

Pets: My two little, cute cats. I love'em! <3

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