kinda ill

Hey guys,

yeah, I'm kinda ill, but that doesn't really matter, because today was my last school day! Yeah baby! 6 weeks no more getting up so early.^^ I love it!

A few hours ago I watched Harry Potter 1, eventhough I don't really like the first movie, however, when I watched it the Ron actor Rupert Grint catched my eye and I discovered that he was really cute. He has such a cute face, really.^^ 

My head's right now empty, I mean really emtpy. I can't think of any thing I can talk about. I  hate this, because then I feel so non-creativ (does this word even exist?! whatever...). Maybe it's, because I've eaten not really much, although I normaly eat the whole time, really I'm hungry all the time, but I have a weight of 50kg, so not very much. (1,65m groß and that I didn't sleep very much and so I'm kinda tired now, but on the other hand I'm not really tired. Well, maybe I should go to bed. Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do now, so, sleep well, I'll try to. byebye :*

21.6.07 01:10

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