Hey guys,

 How are you? what a question... I'm fine, but very tired and bored to death. I watched already two movies and I'm just not able to move my ass from this chair. Why I'm writing in English? Well, I've seen the second film in english and I started to think in English.

Between watching movies and eating cookies I'm draging me throug the last school days. I don't know what's up with me or why I'm so tired, but maybe I'm just a little bruned out. (Leastwise my power is enough to write this little entry). Well, shit happens.

I'm looking so forward to the holidays. I'm just a little bit desperate, 1.because I have/find no man. 2.because the weather really sucks. 3.My latinteacher is really a pain for my neck, she really thinks anyone is still interested in this damn subject in this last days. I mean, the biggest part of the class isn't interested in this subject anyway, but she still doesn't get it and that's what's the real problem with her. But you could call it kind of optimistic. What I really don't like about her, staht she's unpolite. But, hey, I don't have to drink tee with her every afternoon so it's okay, just another boring (=even the nerds are bored) teacher.

 Okay, that was more or less my day. Well now I have stand up, my cats hungry and I don't want her to starv, so guys, byebye leüa :* ^^


12.6.07 19:40

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