Hey guys,

 what's up? I'm kinda confused right now, it's because of tomorrow and because of a guy (war klar, oder?! xD). Well, this thing with tomorrow is, that actually my class wanted to camp, buuut like everytime is nothing as easy as it seemed, first we wanted to camp at a lake, but suddenly it was too expensive so we searched for another place and we found one with the result that costed the same price. There were many dicussions and after the 5th decision I thought it was determined, but now some girls say they don't want anymore. Now I'm still a bit confused wether we go or not. Hmm, well I'll now tomorrow, tomorrow is gonna be a plasant day, no real lessons just eating^^.

So, second problem, that guy, oh he's so cute, for real, you gotta see him. *rawr*^^ you may ask what's now the prob with such a great guy, but now are holidays and he's 5 weeks not here and Iw as too shy to ask him for his cell phone number. I'm kinda desperate now...

Well, gotta go to bed, good night honeys, leüa 

17.6.07 22:03

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